Finding Happiness

When your able to find peace and calmness in your silences and be contented with what you got, that is happiness is for me.

When simple things bring a smile on your face, that is happiness for me.

When you feel satisfied from the work that you have…

I decided to go on a solo outing over a spring weekend, I wouldn’t consider it as a trip as it was just over a 24 hr outing. It was time I needed this for myself as I could reflect back on my thoughts, feelings and my reactions to them…

CHOICE- Random Thoughts

I am penning down some of my random thoughts which would still feel deep inside my head.

When you have the privilege of choice, choose wisely there should be no scope for falter.

Sometimes, life brings you to a crossroad where you need to choose between a…

Pic Credit: “Parachute Skirt” ~~ Artist ~Inslee Haynes~

Oh my long yellow skirt,

I slay and play with you to my heart’s content.

I dance to the tunes of your rhythm with my tote bag which does seem like a priced possession for few.

There is no need to let my hair loose and wear high heels when I am with you.

You make me feel comfortable in my space.

I wonder what has got into me lately.

Is it the pride that I am getting all attention from the boys or

Is it the confidence that I am the better version of myself every passing day.

I can take you to a flower bed, I can take you to a beach.

I can take you to a valley and yes I would like to take you to a night club.

Come what may you will be my best friend through thick and thin.

Pic Credit:

These sediments of wax make me feel fragile in my knees.

I have seen this coming when I lighted my candle,

just as I know I go down, right after I am at the top of a roller coaster.

So do I still want to light this candle then?

Of course yes..

I am tactical now to understand that, here comes the dungeon too dark,

empty with no sound for ears to listen and

then comes the sunrise and a palette in my arms,

to sketch this world as I want it to be.

A child tries to mimic her mom’s each and every action.

But little does she know, she will grow into a teenager and try hard to unlearn the things that her mom taught.

A dolphin thrusts and swims down the deep ocean waves in delight with it’s mother and siblings.

But little does she know, she will be separated from her mother soon to be taken into the real world of humans to become their muse.

An oyster tries to protect itself from an entry of a foreign substance into its shell.

But little does she know, she is creating a beautiful pearl which will soon be seen as a lavish necklace for purchase.

A social activist wants to revive the society in a positive manner.

But little does she know, she might become a politician soon.

Those unsaid words are melting in mouth.

But the heart has pounded a beat, winds are brushing her hair

The sweat under her feet has increased.

The hustle bustle of road is sinking in her ear

She feels eerie about not minding it at all.

The child in her wants to explode and feel the crystal snowflakes.

As this might be the last winter.

But come what may , she hopes to look forward for the next spring

To listen to the chirpy sound of a humming bird

To witness birds getting attracted to beautiful red hibiscus nectar.

Pic Credit : ExChristian.Net

Do you remember in childhood, science teacher taught us three important resources are food, clothing shelter. From that truth, we have traveled a long way, where you play tantrums with your mom or friends being a picky eater, eating just the right amount so you don’t show the extra loads…

Himaja Reddy

Software Developer, Singer, Aspiring Writer

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